Interested in sequence based identification of biodiversity? New MEE manuscript for ecologists

After a number of interactions with colleagues at the British Ecological Society and the Ecological Society of America, including a "Methods in Ecology and Evolution” sponsored workshop in Lille, France, in 2014 we were recently inspired to write a methods paper outlining the contemporary molecular approaches that are available to enable the identification of biodiversity.

Written specifically with ecologists in mind, the paper guides the reader through the various approaches from metabarcoding to metatranscriptomics and defines the different forms of DNA that are available to integrate biodiversity information.

From genomic DNA, through to the community level and into the developing field of environmental DNA, there should be something for everyone, including stakeholders who have an interest in how molecular approaches can be employed to gather biodiversity information in a high throughput, cost effective and objective fashion. The full text can be found here and if you have any further queries, please contact Si Creer.

Publication date: 13 June 2016